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WoW TONO Thoughts

  • DEFINED ME ...
    Some might say that I am off-the-wall, but I am right-on-the-shelf in the library under unique, Made-in-Hawaii, TONO.--July 2004
  • GOD'S WISDOM ...
    I define true wisdom when God is magnified and glorified through His character. I am privileged to play a role with believers and stories where God and His Son is exalted! For God, be the praise and honor!--August 15, 2009

Traveling TONO self-portraits

  • John A. Finch Arboretum in Spokane, WA
    The many places that I took self-portraits ... which were many places I've visited.

2011 2nd Sunshine visit on Oahu

  • Plane Boarding in Honolulu coming home 8-12-11
    Another trip to paradise ... in August

2010 2nd NASCAR racing in Thunder Valley

  • Bristol MotorSpeedway Near Lap 56 Jeff and  Brad Pit Stop August 21 2010
    This is the first pictures uploaded from my Sunshine and my 2nd trip to Bristol MotorSpeedway. I will be adding more, and captions ... so check back often.

2009 Blue Ridge Parkway/CT 2nd Wedding Anniversary

  • TONOatPershingParkWashingtonDC11-1-09
    This turns out to be the #1 personal story of 2009, the pictures and the experience. It was a little more than a full week of FUN with my Sunshine. It might have been cloudy on certain days. But she was there to shine the light on the journey.

2009 NASCAR in Bristol "Thunder Valley"

  • Sharpie 500 restart lap 496
    We are back safely at home. I continue to caption all the pictures taken for you all! Come back often ... I'm not done yet!

2009 NASCAR in Dallas

  • 2009 Sprint Experience: Cup Trophy
    It's been a while since my Sunshine and I attended a NASCAR race. Texas Motor Speedway is the first race since July 2007.

Smoky Mountain 1st Wedding Anniversary

  • Smoky1stWeddingAnniversary10-26-08228pm
    We thought we'd share the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. It was our third trip there. We circled the Mountains, and drove through part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I will work on the story ... the TONO thoughts later in the week ... in between work!

TONO and Sunshine in SoCA & HI June/July 2008

  • Aurora on the Northwest trip back home with the Las Vegas Strip out the window
    For those of you who want to relive our trip near the Pacific Ocean. It'll always be a special over a week trip for my Sunshine and me.

2007 TONO & Sunshine Honeymoon

  • TONO and Sunshine w/ the Helicopter we traveled the Smokies!
    I will always remember these pictures that are framed for a lifetime.

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Important Disclaimer

  • TONO Disclaimer
    The views expressed on this blog is solely the opinions of the author and does not represent the present or any past companies to which he has worked in the present or past.

2013 50th Birthday in Washington DC

  • DSCN5314
    Taking time to spend a full week in our nation's capital. ...
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